Introduction to my Blog

Hello Everyone,

Here is a flavour of this blog and what is to come.
I would consider myself an opinionated person with two great passions, sport and culture. Fortunately these two interests tend to mingle and intertwine quite well. This allows me to experience them both simultaneously most of the time.

Here is what I intend to write about.

Sport; Gaa (Gaelic Football & Hurling), Soccer, Rugby American Football, Horse & Greyhound racing, etc.

Travel & Culture; I will be covering a number of different destinations both within and outside the emerald isle.

All sounds fairly standard blogging stuff right ? Wrong. The added kicker is all articles will be published in both Spanish and English. Between myself and my Spanish girlfriend we are 100% bilingual and informed like no other on Spanish, Latino & Irish culture.

This will open up cultures like never before to each other. For example, I plan to explain the intricacies of the growing enigma that is the Gaa and how it is rapidly growing in the Iberian peninsula.

Also informative local travel tips like Spains paths less travelled by. The best parts of Spain. Away from the tourist Costa del whatevers. Local native inside information on how to get best value for your money and see genuine hidden gems on a par with Paris and Rome and more importantly half the price and half the footfall.

So that’s enough of that, I look forward to getting the show on the road in 2018.

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